Dear friends, welcome to our web-site!

You are on a site that has an incredible history of creation. Establishment of this web-site started from some random happy "coincidences"! We did not use the quotes accidentally for "coincidences", because, according to the most religious and philosophical studies - any Coincidence - it is a core of Necessity.

Web-site is a fruit of love and admiration of such splendor mountain. It is for everyone, whoever loves Kapaz, whoever was on the top of it and who was not, for those, who probably will never wish to conquer Kapaz and for those, who is confident to do it, for those, who loves to look at its beauty silently. Kapaz is gorgeous!
It is really beautiful, any time of season! It is always majestic, but every minute it becomes more and more beautiful!
Kapaz - one of the oldest symbols of our lovely Ganja! It is the city's faithful companion, its Guiding Star!

This web-site could only be built by the help of enthusiasm, sincere complicity and irrepressible energy of some people, who came together by the help of that "coincidence"!
That magic place is - Facebook. From a discussion of a photo album about beauty of Kapaz, we agreed to make an event "We will conquer Kapaz". Further, we decided o open a group - "Kapaz - A Guiding Star of Ganja!"
And now here comes the fun part!
Following the principles - not to stop from what has been achieved, we decided to move on and to create a web-site, dedicated to above-mentioned mountain.
The name of the web-site was decided immediately. Because there was no any better idea, and yeah, it was unnecessary. And now, everything that was intended - is realized.

Welcome to kap.az!

Thanks to everyone who supported us and to Muzadil Hasanov, Nadir Ibrahimov, Haji Pasha-zade, Elnur Hasanov and Shamil Mustafayev who put a lot of efforts in a development of this site.